Emerging technology risk insights

Explore our insights to learn how to embrace new technology and capitalize on IT investment while limiting the associated risks

Emerging technology risk insights
Emerging technology risk insights

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Tech governance can pave the path for autonomous cars

When it comes to machines that drive themselves, technology governance is truly a life or death matter.

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KPMG’s Emerging Technology Risk team helps companies develop an agile governance framework that harnesses disruptive technologies and encourages innovation while ensuring risks are identified and managed. 

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Digital risk

Institutionalization of cryptoassets

Cryptoassets have arrived. Are you ready for institutionalization?

HR and risk join forces to modernize HR podcast

Intelligent automation (IA) holds tremendous potential for HR executives, employees, and managers.

Securing the blockchain

Two high profile blockchain incidents prompt comprehensive risk framework for secure and resilient implementation.

 Emerging technology risk

Are you ready for the next big wave?

In this race to harness emerging technologies and innovate, it is easy to forget about governance and that can lead to significant costs and risks.

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