Sales effectiveness
Sales effectiveness

Sales transformation and customer relationship management

Generate revenue while building your brand and relationships.

Aggressive revenue targets. Rapidly evolving customer expectations. Changing market conditions. Blurring boundaries between sales and service. Expanding product portfolios, increased scale, and new markets. Through all this, sales is expected to achieve success. 

Addressing these issues and achieving sales goals requires aligning go-to-market models to customers’ desired purchase experience, consistent and efficient sales processes, timely and accurate data, talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies, incentives that align sales and company objectives, and enabling technologies to help uncover new insights and improve productivity.

KPMG Customer Solutions can help your organization to design and adopt a go-to-market model that aligns to the way your customers want to buy and interact with your products and services, deploy technologies that harness your data to create actionable insights and solutions that increase sales and profitability, while decreasing cost to serve.


KPMG and Microsoft

Together, we help enterprises employ technology solutions that enable sales transformation, user adoption and increased sales effectiveness.

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