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In life and business, there are things you have to do and things you want to do. Because there are never enough time, budget, or resources to do it all, trade-offs and imbalance are commonplace—resulting in risk exposure, lost opportunities, or both.

KPMG Spectrum on-demand services help you eliminate such trade-offs.

With a unique combination of technology, methodology, and hands-on orchestration, we dramatically reduce the overhead of compliance, cyber security, and partner management—allowing your staff to focus on the activities that propel your business forward.

  • Enhance compliance, cyber security, and partner monitoring
  • Identify and mitigate business and operational risks
  • Automate and offload routine, manual tasks
  • Leverage purpose-built technologies, domain-specific methodologies, and proprietary intelligence
  • Reduce capital and operating expenses
  • Get 24x7 support from KPMG’s global delivery team

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Third Party Intelligence


It’s critical for companies to maintain a clear line of sight into their third-party network and to continually protect themselves against compliance risk, reputational damage and contract-value leakage. 

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Integrity Due Dilligence

Be armed with accurate, actionable and relevant risk information so that you can make informed decisions on what third-parties to onboard into your business network.

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Viability Risk Monitoring

Your third-party network can be subject to economic, geopolitical, and financial threats. Monitor and identify threats in real time, facilitating a timely response – before disruption strikes.

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Contract Performance Management

Identify value leakage from contract commitments by providing visibility to critical issues related to effective oversight and governance of contracts across analytics, contract compliance and actionable workflow management. 

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KPMG Leasing Tool

As lease accounting standards change, automate speed and compliance in your accounting change journey. A single system that will help drive operational, financial and business performance.  

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Leasing as a Service

Meet the new FASB ASC 842 requirements quickly and efficiently. Eliminate the burden and uncertainties that come with lease accounting compliance. 

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IAM (Identity and Access Management) – Protect your business and information assets. Through customization, integration, and policy development, this outcome- based service helps optimize your IAM capabilities and manages them over time. 

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Optimize and offload your companies SOX compliance program so you can focus on more strategic priorities.  With the help of a workflow automation tool and proven methodology, your SOX compliance process is fully managed. 

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Build a longer-lasting connection and a greater return on your talent investment.  Help speed up new hire assimilation and time to productivity    

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Cut through the complexity of IFRS 9 compliance and focus on its strategic implications for your organization.

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Financial information assemblage, data refinement, report submission, and analytics to help increase the efficiency of your companies cost reporting operations.    

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David Brown

David Brown

Principal, Advisory, Managed Services, KPMG US

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Jorge Blanco

Jorge Blanco

Principal, Advisory, KPMG (US)

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Tom Wilde

Principal, Advisory, Government Lead, KPMG (US)

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