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Jorge Blanco

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Keeping track of dozens or even hundreds of business partners is hard enough. Making sure each one is living up to the terms of their contractual agreement with your company—on an ongoing basis—is even harder.

The KPMG Contract Performance Management (CPM) Service helps optimize the output and accountability of your third - party network. Leveraging our purpose-built CPM engine, we track each of your partner’s performance against the specific terms and line items in their contract, helping you:Identify and mitigate value leakage.

  • Recover earned payouts and credits
  • Avoid supply chain disruptions
  • Improve contract management
  • Optimize and standardize contractual terms




Better visibility, better performance


Hundreds of partners can result in tens of thousands of contractual terms. We monitor and track all of them, producing a wealth of data that can help you recover lost revenue, minimize value leakage, standardize contractual terms, and optimize partner engagement processes.

Continuous monitoring and reporting

We work with your team—or directly with your partners—to continuously gather performance data and analyze it against the terms of their contract. The data and analyses can be accessed at any time through our secure, online portal. You can review contract performance across your full network of partners, search and sort by specific contract types, contract terms, vendors, and vendor types, and request custom reports.

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Introducing Contract Performance Management

Increased complexity and risk means outsourcing initiatives often fail to meet expectations. See how Contract Performance Management can help.

Infographic: Are you getting what you expect from your outsourcing portfolio?

Download the infographic to see how Contract Performance Management helps you identify and fix value leakage.

CPM Datasheet

Download the datasheet to learn more about KPMG Spectrum Contract Performance Management.

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