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Bringing third-party organizations—including vendors, suppliers, distributors, contractors, and others—into your business network requires a careful balance of speed and forensic diligence. 

A slow or inefficient onboarding process can result in lost opportunities and revenue. And hasty or superficial background checks can result in hidden risks that threaten your regulatory compliance, business continuity, and brand reputation.  

KPMG Integrity Due Diligence is an in-depth, multilevel service that helps protect your business and enables you to onboard third-party organizations with speed and confidence.


An in-depth service

Relieve your staff of the burden, complexity, and uncertainty of third party assessments and monitoring.

A customized, multi-level approach

Attain a targeted and adjustable mix of rapid assessments and in-depth analyses, tailored to your business priorities, policies, and regulatory requirements.  

Cost efficiency through prioritization

Maintain cost efficiency by prioritizing the industries, locations, partner categories, laws, and regulations that pose the greatest risk to your business.



Speed: Assessments for Rapid Approval (ARA)

Assessments for third - parties that pose the least risk to your organization can be delivered in minutes. Utilizing deep-web analytics, machine learning, and proprietary intelligence, we analyze tens of thousands of data sources—in 50 languages across 20 categories of risk—to help you make informed decisions about your third - party network.

The assessments are fast but not shallow or obsolete. Our ARAs often reveal a wealth of critical information, including adverse media mentions, litigation sources, and up-to-the-minute intelligence.


Depth: Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

We can provide much deeper assessments for third - parties that pose the greatest risk to your business. With a global presence and range of jurisdiction expertise, our team of more than 3,000 forensic professionals perform in-depth investigations to identify and analyze the most elusive third - party intelligence and red flags.

We conduct more than 50,000 EDD investigations each year, many of which are highly customized and involve deep levels of domain knowledge, location insight, and forensic complexity.



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IDD - Approval for Rapid Assessment

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IDD - Enhanced Due Diligence

Download the datasheet to learn more about KPMG Spectrum IDD - Enhanced Due Diligence

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